We see asset management in a different way
Our perspective is the view of traders. We do not want to evangelize anyone - because others are responsible for matters of faith: We have our own opinion on the financial industry and their methods of managing assets.

• Classic Fund Managers invest capital in many different securities and asset classes to avoid giving too much weight to poor decisions. This is based on the rational principle of diversification which is a basic idea of ​​portfolio management.

Against the background of the financial crises and no returns in the last decade we see diversification differently. In 2008, stocks and bonds lost simultaneously and beat deep classical paths in many managed portfolios.

Our conclusion: We diversify over many events and not by choosing a lot of securities.

• The financial industry recommends to store capital in securities and to evaluate portfolios with closing prices. This principle works as long as there is plenty of buying power for the securities.

We see market prices of securities as an indicator. Only a complete trade gives us a sure price of the traded instrument. Not even the best investment strategy gives protection against selling pressure created from the majority of investors who went through the same door. There is no asset class that can be evaluated as well as the asset class "Cash ".

Our conclusion is that we evaluate our performance not by using absurd standards of value but in cash. We use only financial instruments that provide liquidity and continuous quotation.

• The financial industry recommends the long-term holding of investments. Only then, they say, can the value be seen. The background is that fund companies want to achieve administrative fees for decades.

Long-term investment gives investors no guarantee and is by no measure safer than short-term trading. The experience over the past decade of people who invested in the stock market was a disaster. The service of financial companies often gives the relevant decisions back to investors. To build values is the job of investors by deciding to go in or out of a market.

Our conclusion: We offer services that take decisions that are relevant for the financial result.

A partial cause of the crisis in the financial sector was that everybody thought the same way about risk.

In our view, successful investment today works differently from the past. The buy-and-hold strategy no longer works in stock markets. Investors who want to protect their capital against swings in the future should focus more on a strategy mix than a mixture of securities. MAVEST offers an alternative.
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