MAVEST philosophy
Our philosophy follows five principles and defines our goal as a trader and our actions as a company.

We are open minded
We do not trade opinions. The market is always right and we are willing to acknowledge that. According to this maxim, we use strategies and non-directional tools that can benefit from falling or rising prices. Our approach is the observation of market-moving news, but not the development of forecasts based on data research.

We trade actively and frequently
We offer our clients management services for their investment. For us active management is not keeping as close as possible to a benchmark. Instead, we take critical decisions for our clients. We seek a continuous positive return on capital. Best is every day a little bit more.

We act strategically
Although our individual decisions are of a short-term tactical nature; we still follow a long-term idea. Our trading strategies are market-tested to provide a benefit. With each trade we risk just a very small portion and limit the risk taken by close stops.

We are risk-oriented
In addition to the money management that sets the terms of each individual trade; we use superior risk management. From these ideas we calculate the requirements for the maximum position sizes.

We are for transparency
Our clients receive full daily insight into their own Swiss style managed accounts. This goes far beyond the range of transparency banks or investment houses offer.

Our entrepreneurial approach is focused on our strengths, so we achieve a better performance. We work with strong partners to help us develop outstanding solutions for our clients.
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