When investors buy a fund they do not receive relevant decisions by the fund manager. Investors have to take relevant decisions themselves. Answering the above questions accounts for more than 90 percent of future investment success. The performance of individual fund managers, however, is almost irrelevant these days. This division of the financial sector has been disappointing for most investors. Therefore, many investors now think about alternatives. MAVEST offers such an alternative.

In a MAVEST MANAGED ACCOUNT the customer opens his own trading account. Additionally, he needs a brokerage account and grants a limited power of attorney to MAVEST. MAVEST is permitted to decide for transactions on the account only. The account owner is always in the driving seat and control. He has 24 hour online access or can just read reports on depot activities. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer may terminate the limited power of attorney at any time and withdraw his assets.

The MAVEST MANAGED ACCOUNT offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the implementation of professional trading strategies. In traditional mutual funds he has to hope for prices to rise. With a MAVEST MANAGED ACCOUNT investors can benefit from any market direction and thus better protect their own capital. Investment is highly transparent and activities can be observed round the clock.
The investor receives a daily summary of all trades and a possible month-end accounting of performance fees.

A managed account is, as described, a generally suitable alternative to conventional investment products. Investment in trading also allows the achievement of independent returns to an otherwise classically divided portfolio. The services offered by MAVEST strategies correlate to other concepts or asset classes. This diversification effect may make the performance of a deposit more stable. The MAVEST MANAGED ACCOUNT is not based on a benchmark. The aim of management is to achieve continuous positive earnings (CORE approach). With this the MAVEST MANAGED ACCOUNT differs from most investments, which are based on benchmarks, and with which the investor is exposed to general market risk.

Currency trading and the use of leveraged capital market instruments is highly speculative. Against high profit prospects there are also high risks. Trading on the currency markets can therefore lead to huge losses and even a total loss. Each investor should be aware of these risks.

Investments and trading in financial instruments are risky and can cause total loss. Please read our terms and conditions.
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