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The use of the site and all other MAVEST publication or any linked sites are only for personal purposes. The usage rights are reserved to MAVEST GmbH (MAVEST). Access to the page(s) includes the automatic consent for the following statements and behavior.

1. The use of evidence provide the user with a legally binding dar.
2. Every user recognizes the user's risk warning. Using the website is otherwise prohibited.
3. The MAVEST GmbH assumes no liability should the site or the name of brand or company be used by others without written approval for commercial purposes.
4. The name or brand MAVEST, COREFX, CORE should not be used for commercial purposes. Such an approach requires the written permission of MAVEST GmbH.
5.Data of this website may not always be reproduced for commercial purposes.
6. Companies or individuals who make a link to the website of the MAVEST GmbH, are responsible for their own actions.

Liability for content

The content of the MAVEST website were created with great care. Nevertheless MAVEST rejects any responsibility, guarantee or liability. MAVEST GmbH assumes no liability for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information and opinions expressed on its Website. Liability claims against MAVEST GmbH, which refer to material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the information, or are excluded. Users are at own risk. This is especially for potential capital losses. The user assumes the entire risk. If rates for services or products are made, these are non-binding. The MAVEST GmbH can change parts of or the whole offer without notice, and add, delete or cease publication temporarily or permanently.

Of course MAVEST respects with applicable laws and agrees to comply with them. These are especially personal data-related information about the usage behavior of its visitors.

Liability for Links

The offer of MAVEST may contain links to external websites. Their contents is not influenced by MAVEST. Therefore MAVEST assumes no responsibility for their content. For the contents of any Linked Site, without exception, the provider or operator of the site is responsible. Linked sites are checked at the time of linking for possible violations. If MAVEST knows of violations in linked sites it immediately removes these links.


The content and design of the web site are protected by copyright. Any reproduction of images or content without the prior written consent of MAVEST is not allowed.

Infringements of third parties

If MAVEST Web site is linked without knowledge and desire from other Websites via hyperlinks, for example, MAVEST assumes no liability. An inspection does not take place because a link cannot be excluded. MAVEST expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for the presentation and content of websites outside the MAVEST sites.

No advice

Recommendations, suggestions and comments may not be suitable or only partially suitable, depending on the specific investment objectives, investment horizon, or the individual financial situation of individual investors. Therefore the information provided on the MAVEST website is not individual counseling. Counseling cannot be replaced by general information. For individual consultations, we recommend the personal choice of every investor.

Conflicts of interest

MAVEST its directors and employees may have their own interests in the securities or other investment vehicles addressed on this website, directly or indirectly. Furthermore, the people, groups and officials mentioned may have relationships with companies that have or maintain or provide services to these companies, or have delivered. Resulting conflicts of interest are not desired by MAVEST. No liability or guarantee can be given.

Privacy Policy

MAVEST respects privacy rights of customers and partners. Without expressed consent no data is shared with third parties. This is especially for data users and data profiles.

The use by third parties of the contact data published due to the imprint obligation for the transmission of unsolicited advertising and information materials is hereby expressly excluded. The operators of the Site reserve the right to take legal action in the case before the sending of unsolicited promotional information, as well as spam.

Risk Warning

The trading of financial instruments can lead to total loss. The use of such instruments is not suitable for every investor or every situation.

Anybody who trades such financial instruments, but also who trades through a third party should carefully review his investment goals, his financial circumstances, needs and his level of experience and his expertise.

On the website, general recommendations may be made which are not compatible with individual investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Each user is responsible for relevant tests. MAVEST neither gives warranty nor assumes responsibility for capital losses.

By trading or speculation, investors could lose some or all of their deposited money. No one should speculate with capital he cannot afford to lose. Speculation on loan or with simultaneous recording of loans leads to a leverage effect ("leverage") - or with the use of financial instruments (futures, options, margin accounts ...) to an unwanted expansion of capital.

The leverage effect through use of leveraged instruments offers greater opportunities for trade (larger items) and leads in the best case to a higher return on equity. Investors should always be aware that the leverage effect can also have negative effects. In the event of incorrect placement or unfavorable market trends, the loss incurred can significantly erode the equity. Only experienced investors should use capital leverage.

Each investor should be aware of all risks associated with trading of financial instruments or securities of any kind.

We always recommend in the absence of personal experience, the advice of independent financial advisors or consultants of your own choice.

MAVEST emphasizes: The content of this site does not constitute an offer to buy or sell. The site and its contents should not be taken as personal investment advice. It is about information.


If parts of one of the terms and conditions are invalid under laws or new laws, this has no impact on other parts of the conditions.
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